adidas salutes Kargil survivor and marathoner DP Singh, for running against the 'Odds'

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Taproot Dentsu here

Sep 12, 2016 05:56:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Adidas has launched 'Odds', or footwear with both shoes of the pair for the same foot. The concept originated at Taproot Dentsu, and a film for the same by the agency and Carat Media has been rolled out.
It features blade runner Major DP Singh, who lost a leg in the Kargil war of 1999, and how he has gone against the odds and completed several marathons. The voice over for the film has been provided by Kabir Bedi. 
The film captures Singh’s life and passion for running. It opens with him running under an old steel bridge by himself, navigating the uneven concrete surface with one natural foot and his prosthetic one, as the voice over asks: "Odd isn't it, for a man to run when technically he shouldn't even be walking?  To compete in a marathon on one leg, when really he should be sitting at home and watching it." 
He moves to a road by the hills, still running. At home, as he dons his army suit, his celebrated past is revealed: "To survive death in a war, and still have a war to fight." Singh is seen training, visibly, against all odds, as the voice over says, "To do with one what seems impossible, even with two. To run against all odds, to prove that nothing is odd."
It ends showcasing the 'Odds by adidas' offering with the message: "He has endured the odds. The question is, have we?"  
Damyant Singh, senior marketing director, adidas India, said, “At adidas we live a simple principle. No athlete left behind. This philosophy is at the heart of ‘Odds by adidas’. It is our way of encouraging and cheering Para-athletes on to achieving their best on the field of play and we hope Major DP Singh’s story inspires many more to live their dreams and prove that Sports has the power to change lives.”
Santosh Padhi, chief creative officer, Taproot Dentsu India, said, "Apart from celebrating this courageous community, where almost every runner/para-athlete has an inspiring story to share, this campaign seeks to lead a change in consumer behaviour. Being a marathon runner myself, I felt that a film on Major DP Singh’s life, would definitely motivate common people to get into some form of sport or physical activity. So our intention was to get this dual messaging through with this single campaign."
Umesh Shrikhande, CEO, Taproot Dentsu India, added, "Celebrating impossibly glorious feats makes all of us strive harder and look beyond our limitations. Such is the power of this storytelling."
The shoes are available on Adidas' e-commerce website