Aamir Khan and Vedantu mentor students about valuable life lessons

Watch the films conceptualised by the in-house team here

Dec 13, 2021 12:26:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Vedantu has rolled out a campaign titled 'Zindagi Ka Syllabus' (Life syllabus) featuring Aamir Khan. 


Conceptualised by Vedantu's in-house team, the film aims to make people aware that there is more to life than just academics and that teachers can impact a students growth through encouragement. 


The first film (above) features a young boy who aspires to move out of his rural home town for future studies at IIT. This inspiration gets imbibed in the child's mind because of his online teacher's endeavour in showing his student how that dream can turn into reality. 


The second film features a young boy who receives positive and encouraging comments from his online teacher instead of critiques.



Maninder Bali, head of brand marketing, Vedantu, said, "In India, at any income level, a parent will choose to spend more on education than even healthcare. That's the kind of responsibility that rides on our shoulders at Vedantu. If parents place this kind of faith in us, the least we can do is give it our all to ensure that their children get the best teachers, the best learning, and the best chance at creating a truly successful path in life. Our campaign is inspired by our real-life teachers and students at Vedantu. In a sense, it's less a campaign and more of a slice of life at Vedantu." 


Bali added, "While speaking with teachers and students, we realised that their experiences were a goldmine of inspiration, and should be shared with every teacher and student in the country. To date, the older students remember life lessons that were taught to them by Vedantu teachers, and our new campaign narrates these experiences through the power of storytelling. Keeping learning and motivation at the core, our teachers are continuing to inspire students across the country, much beyond academics." 


The campaign is rolled out on TV and digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. 



Client: Vedantu 

Production house: Offroad Films

Director: Akanksha Seda