kunal kapoor

Jun 08, 2022

Brave Essentials gets Kunal Kapoor

Rolls out a campaign #BeBrave as a part of the association

Jan 28, 2022

This is almost the best time to put out our brand message: Mayur Hola, Oyo

The head of global brand, explains the strategy behind the much-talked-about recent three-film campaign, why Oyo is advertising even when Covid-19 cases are rising, and more…

Sep 20, 2021

Live blog: News updates - week of 20 September

In the news: Crosshairs Communications, MiArcus, Morpheus Brandy, Noise, Olay India, Pitchfork Partners, Vedix, Villain Lifestyle

Aug 27, 2021

Beardo’s Whiskey Smoke makes Chitrangada Singh, Kunal Kapoor hot for each other

Watch the film conceptualised by the in-house team here

Dec 02, 2020

LG gets Kunal Kapoor to show 'beyond perfection' range

Watch the film conceptualised by Creativeland Asia here

Sep 01, 2016

SPN's Mix turns five, orchestrates 'The Dhun Project' for musicians in need

Watch the 'anthem' video featuring agency leaders, clients and SPN executives here