Arati Rao
Mar 19, 2011

Your weekend reading list

Arijit Ray, president, Mudra West, has picked a couple of cricket books in the spirit of the season

Your weekend reading list

Arijit Ray, president, Mudra West, told us what he's reading at the moment:


"Into a bit of cricket-reading over the last few weeks...Read two books - 'SMG', which is Sunil Gavaskar’s Biography by Devendra Prabhudesai and 'Indian Summers' (John Wright). For a die-hard Gavaskar fan like me, it was a nice read after 'Sunny Days', 'Runs n Ruins' etc. It has a lovely capture of Gavaskar’s middle class upbringing, the formative years that shaped his character and attributes of concentration and resilience, that he is known for. It has a beautiful account of how he continuously pestered his mother to bowl at him in the narrow hall in his house and how he inflicted an injury on his mothers face in one of his flourishing straight drives. This was obviously one of the reasons behind the famous straight drive that evolved into one of the most powerful shots in his repertoire.

The other book I recommend, which I finished recently...

The Calcutta Chromosome by Amitav Ghosh. The main character is a man named Antar, whose job is to monitor a somewhat finicky computer that sorts through mountains of information. When the computer finds something it can't catalog, it brings the item to Antar's attention. A string of these seemingly random anomalies puts Antar on the trail of a man named Murugan, who disappeared in Calcutta in 1995 while searching for the truth behind the discovery of the cure for malaria. This search for Murugan leads, in turn, to the discovery of the Calcutta Chromosome, which can shift bits of personality from one person to another. That's when things get really interesting...This journey takes you into completely un-imaginable areas and territories...Really gripping and engaging...

The weekend web-read I recommend is A great place for technology updates of all kinds."

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