Oliver McAteer
Aug 23, 2019

You will never unsee Jif's man-squirrel in new spots from Publicis

The creative shop launched a double campaign with Jif and Smuckers.

You will never unsee Jif's man-squirrel in new spots from Publicis

BEHOLD: A man-squirrel.  

He’s center-focus for Jif’s new campaign and will become a permanent fixture in your nightmares from this day.

The unlikely mascot comes straight from the creative minds over at Publicis Groupe, who worked with the brand to launch a new drive alongside Smuckers. 

Christine Hoffman, consumer engagement group lead at The J.M. Smucker Company, said: "It’s so exciting to debut two stellar campaigns, for two of our legacy brands. We’re all confident this body of work will be a bold stand-out in the industry, and set a new bar for CPG creative excellence and effectiveness. It’s thrilling to breath new excitement and creative life into our beloved Jif and Smucker’s brands."

The spots, which aim to bring creativity back to CPG, include "That Jif’ing Good" and "Father Nature." 

The multi-faceted campaign is Publicis Groupe’s Power of One team at its finest: Publicis New York, Zenith, MSL, Digitas and Moxie.

Andy Bird, chief creative officer at Publicis New York, said: "When we won The J.M. Smucker Company business, we were tasked with delivering a creative transformation. But when you’re dealing with such iconic brands, you have to be really thoughtful. 

"It was an incredible process from start to finish. A true partnership that yielded the kind of creative work I believe is going to make other CPG marketers think twice about how they show up in the world. I’m very excited about the debut of these two campaigns. And there’s more to come." 

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