Shormistha Mukherjee
Mar 26, 2020

Work from home diary: ‘What’s cooking in my kitchen?’

The excitement has died says Flying Cursor's Shormistha Mukherjee

Work from home diary: ‘What’s cooking in my kitchen?’
Who are these people baking organic, gluten-free, seed-toasted, honey-drizzled bread? 
Because I am wrestling with a pressure cooker that has moong dal overflowing from the sides and choking the damn gas burner. While, with my ear pods firmly in place, I nod my head frantically and talk to a new client about what we should be saying or not saying at a time like this. 
Well, let me tell you what's cooking in my kitchen. Exhaustion!
When we did announce that we are moving to #WFH over a week back, I suspect everyone was pretty excited. All these cool visions of working in your night clothes, petting the cat while doing brainstorms, short naps in the afternoon, good home food….pfffff….it all went downhill pretty fast.
But guess what, while it’s been crazy, and my ears are fried from all the calls, I’m always so amazed by how fast we adapt as human beings. We had our first office WhatsApp townhall yesterday. On Friday, we did a hangout with the entire office, where we announced the Most Awesome Player for the month. And this morning, we’ve just finished a pitch presentation. And all this while teams are talking, working, creating content, discussing what’s relevant, innovating…it’s amazing how the show goes on.
Is #WFH tough? It is. Especially when it’s mixed with work at home.
Also, in my household we are three adults, all having meetings and calls. Which means we are perpetually scurrying around the house, trying to avoid each other as we search for  spots with suitable backdrops for video meetings.
But like I said, we’re settling into it. The best part is that everyone is in the same boat. Yesterday my client tells me how his wife is on calls, the kids are cleaning and he’s cooking. It’s kind of nice. It’s like I’m seeing this human side to everyone. There’s no CEO, CXO or CCO. There’s just CCC, cook, clean and conference call.
And finally, before I sign out, here are four things that work for me.
1. Set up a time when your home office will open every day. And try and stick to it.
2. Hangouts are better than calls. I like seeing people’s faces when they talk. And also, I like to spy into their homes.
3. Utilise this time to plan ahead. On your brands and your teams and your company.
4. Make daal in a kadai, and not a pressure cooker.
And one last thing, remember that we are privileged. To have food, water, internet etc. And see if you can donate to an organisation, that’s working with those who face a bleak future, from daily wage labourers to sex workers, to even the mochi down your street.
Cheers. Stay safe.
(Shormistha Mukherjee is the director and co-founder of Flying Cursor Interactive)
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