Rituparna Dasgupta
Apr 22, 2020

Work from home diary: 'Uncertainty has provoked me to introspect and get a view of the larger world'

The author explains how this has been a mixed bag of learning, discoveries and emotions

Work from home diary: 'Uncertainty has provoked me to introspect and get a view of the larger world'
Work from home – something which we all have coveted at some point of our lives. Especially people who spend a significant part of their day battling traffic to reach office. However today, to many it has been a forced behaviour change, literally overnight, leading to making this come across as bitter sweet!
While this is true, what is also true is that work from home during the corona lockdown has unquarantined many hidden and dormant qualities, talent and passion in people.
For me personally, it’s been a mixed bag of learning, discoveries and emotions.
Unleashing the super-mom in me
With two naughty, energetic and adorable brats at home with their 7 to 7 otherwise packed schedule completely off track, it’s been a rollercoaster ride managing office work, home chores and the kids. While there have been occasional guilt trips, I’ve often patted myself at the end of the day! I have been able to paint with my sons, do puzzles, a little bit of studies and most importantly run and play with them which I never had the energy to do earlier after work. Along with this, I have done the traditional 'jharu pochha' religiously only to uncover the fact that no form of exercise in the world can beat this one. Work from home has taken multi-tasking to altogether new heights.
Going beyond my world
This period of uncertainty has provoked me to introspect and get a view of the larger world that exists beyond my family and work life. I have got the opportunity to think about the vast spectrum of 'others' who are impacted. And not limiting to mere empathy, I have reached out to support who need it the most. This has made me experience a very gratifying feeling of fulfilment. Little did I know before what 'purpose' actually means and feels like.
Rekindling the dormant
Like most Bengali kids brought up in Kolkata, my parents had enrolled me for Kathak, Rabindra sangeet lessons, art. And I remember how much I enjoyed my classes. However, with time these took a back seat and never got an opportunity to get manifested. Being a statistician, my dominant left brain always grabbed its share in my life. This lockdown brought with it some gloom and melancholy which I could combat by activating my right brain. I revised the lyrics and sang my favourite Tagore songs – while not perfect, got appreciation and most importantly found solace.
The author is principal partner strategy, Mindshare India.


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