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Aug 16, 2022

What will India look like 75 years later? (Part one)

We ask industry honchos to turn ‘Paul The Octopus’ and predict what the country will look like 150 years after its independence...

Abraham Thomas (left) and Ajay Gahlaut
Abraham Thomas (left) and Ajay Gahlaut
Campaign India released a print issue to celebrate India's 75th year of Independence. In this print issue, we asked industry heads to make outrageous predictions about what India would look like at 150 years. 
In part one of this series, read what Abraham Thomas, CEO, Big FM, and Ajay Gahlaut, group chief creative officer, dentsu Creative, had to say:
Abraham Thomas
  • Return to nature: Trends are evolving significantly, and with respect to the threats of climate change the world faces, more and more people will adopt a natural habitat and holistic lifestyle. Unfortunately, global warming has caused acute flooding along our vast coastline. It might so happen that coastal India will be partially submerged, forcing people to move toward the mainland.
  • More Indian avatars: I believe that in the next 75 years, Indians will create a stronghold with their avatars living in alternate virtual universes to fulfil their unfulfilled fantasies and aspirations.
  • Colonisation on Mars: The creme-de-la-creme of the global elite will invest their resources to find a strong footing in what we still hope to be the most habitable planet after earth. The affluent and adventurous folks will seek colonies on mars.
  • Space tourism: With lightning-fast advancements in technology, we might see ‘space’ being populated for ‘summer travel’. Technology has helped miracles come to life, and I’m positive that space travel will be the most sought-after holiday.
  • Over-supply will drive audiences to select a few creators of their interests: This assumption seems most authentic in comparison with the ones above. With access to creative tools at affordable, freemium, and even free segments, we are seeing an explosion of creativity online and offline. With the same audience base to cater to, competition will increase insanely. This will prompt consumers to pick the creators they resonate with the most, and stay as their loyal fanbase.
Ajay Gahlaut
  • IPL players will become richer than the Ambanis and Adanis.
  • We will have flying cars and Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru will experience huge traffic jams in the sky.
  • The Mumbai coastal road project will still be under construction.
  • Elon Musk will colonise Mars. Daily commercial rocket flights will take passengers to Mars. Indian entrepreneurs will establish ‘dhabas’ along the way.
  • India will become such an influential superpower that ‘gilli-danda’ will be recognised as an official Olympic sport.


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