vivo brings the ‘joy of homecoming’ in its Diwali campaign

The film encapsulates the role of smartphone photography in rekindling the joy of connection

Nov 01, 2021 11:35:00 AM | Article | Partner Content

We live in a world where the distance between elderly parents and their grown-up children is rapidly increasing. A big reason is that these children, who often live somewhere else, are busy with their own families, work and other commitments. To remind people that it takes very little to keep the bond strong with our near and dear ones, vivo, the innovative global smartphone brand has launched its Diwali campaign ‘Joy of Homecoming’. 
Conceptualised by Denstu Impact, the film very beautifully encapsulates the role of smartphone photography in rekindling the joy of connection.
Set in a beautiful hill station, the film opens with an elderly man who made his family capable of settling down abroad, lives alone with his caretaker in a big house. However, the distance between him and his grown-up children makes him sad. Hence, he draws solace through the company of travelers who rent his house. The film then transitions to Diwali time when a youngster decides to escape the polluted city life and bonds with the old man during his stay.
Photographs stimulate an emotional story in this film. We notice how family pictures trigger longing for his three kids and a granddaughter. The young traveler perfectly captures the true emotions of the elderly man. This beautifully crafted film by vivo aims to remind everyone that the festival of lights is fondly celebrated when the entire family gets together. An emotional roller-coaster, the film ends on a happy note uniting the old man and his family, giving the message that Diwali is the festival of homecoming and is best celebrated with loved ones.
As a consumer-centric brand, vivo in its beautiful campaign, aims to rekindle the family bond by connecting them through pictures - “Kyunki Tasveeron ka Connection Seedha Dil se Hota Hai”