Shelly Lazarus
Jan 30, 2018

Tribute: 'I laughed with Ranjan. I cried with Ranjan.'

The former global chairperson of Ogilvy & Mather pays tribute to her friend, colleague, teacher, collaborator and partner

Tribute: 'I laughed with Ranjan. I cried with Ranjan.'
There are some few people who make an enormous difference to the success of any organisation. Ranjan Kapur was one of those people for Ogilvy.
Ranjan helped make us famous. He built an agency that did famous work. He led Ogilvy India. But he also helped lead Ogilvy worldwide.
We all learned from Ranjan. We were inspired by him. He gathered around him a most remarkable concentration of talent. They were committed to Ranjan. They loved him.
The Ogilvy world is diminished by Ranjan’s passing.
Ranjan was my friend, my colleague, my teacher, my collaborator, my partner. I laughed with Ranjan. I cried with Ranjan. He was always there for me. I will miss him desperately.
(The author was former chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide) 

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