Ananya Saha
Oct 07, 2013

Thums Up attempts to steal the thunder this Durga Puja

Q&A with Debabrata Mukherjee, VP – marketing and commercial, Coca-Cola India, on Thums Up’s ‘Amader Pujo’ campaign

Thums Up attempts to steal the thunder this Durga Puja

How big is West Bengal as a market for Thums Up? How much of a spike in sales comes from Puja period?

While we will be unable to disclose the specifics, we can say that Bengal is one of the largest markets for Thums Up and Durga Puja is one of the significant contributors to the sales of the brand.

Our key intent behind this initiative to derive long-term impact, build, and further strengthen the emotional connect with our loyal consumers.

Please share the flow of the marketing campaign.

Through our campaigns we try to connect with the consumers at an emotional level and we plan to do the same during the festival period. This year our core thought for Durga Puja owned by Thums Up is ‘Amader Pujo’. The core consumer insight around this idea is: every individual takes pride in showcasing their devotion towards the festival. Thums Up leverages this insight by urging the people of Bengal to unleash the ‘Thunder within’ and make this the biggest pujo celebration of West Bengal.

This idea will be brought to life through 25 feet tall iconic Durga Puja structures made out of Thums Up crowns, caps, pet bottles and cans that are contributed by our consumers. Consumers can buy a Thums Up and they contribute to these structures by putting the Thums Up crowns, caps, bottles or cans in drop boxes at select outlets. We have roped in Piyali Sadhukhan, renowned installations artist from Kolkata, to create these spectacular structures, depicting the spirit and traditions of the festival in a unique and interesting way. We will continue to reach out to consumers through more of such engaging initiatives across the country. We hope the consumers enjoy these brand engagements as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to them.

What would be the duration of the campaign?

We started the activation on 18 September and will go on till 20 October 2013.

Would there be any TVCs accompanying the initiative?

This time around, we have tried to focus on a more direct consumer outreach initiative. This is why we have undertaken first-of-its-kind consumer engagement initiative to celebrate the pride of community at the auspicious Durga Puja. The on-ground activity is being amplified across multiple consumer touch points including social media, OOH, radio and experiential sampling.

Which local media vehicles would Thums Up use to highlight the marketing initiative?

This idea is being amplified across various consumer touch points. The RJs of our radio partner Radio Mirchi have been urging consumers of Kolkata to contribute Thums Up crowns, caps, bottles or cans to make these iconic Pujo structures. Consumers can also contribute through the Thums Up Facebook page by liking ‘Amader Pujo’ posts. For each like, Thums Up will contribute one crown to these structures.

Consumers can also experience this idea ‘live’ on a canter by contributing Thums Up crowns, caps, bottles or cans to create murals around the festival of Durga Puja. This canter will engage consumers at key locations of Kolkata inviting the consumers to be a part of this idea and making this truly ‘Amader Pujo’. These consumer experiences will be shared on the digital platform through the Thums Up Facebook and Twitter fan-pages.

The grand finale of unveiling these structures will take place at two locations - Lake Town Adhibashi Brino and Deshopriyo Park.

Tell us about past associations of brand Thums Up around Durga Puja in West Bengal.

Thums Up has been associated with the Durga Puja festival for over a decade now. We look at well rounded, 360-degree strategy to connect with consumers 365 days in a year. We are constantly innovating to create more engaging programs to reach out to our consumer base. Festivals do play a big role in our marketing mix. Being deep rooted in our country’s cultural heritage, they help us build and further strengthen the emotional connect with consumers.

Thums Up has undertaken various initiatives in the past, however, this is for the first time that we have undertaken such a robust consumer engagement activity. This initiative in particular is very close to my heart. Being someone who has grown up in Kolkata, I completely identify with the sound of the dhaki, going pandal-hopping, the delicious ‘Bhog’ etc. I am totally excited that as a part of the marketing team of one of the most loved brands we can work towards making the Pujo celebration even more memorable.

Please share the marketing spends on this initiative.

Our spends are always in keeping with our brand plans. Like I mentioned above, festivals do form an important part of our marketing mix and we allocate budgets in sync with the core creative ideas, communication messages and the target audiences for each of our brands. This festival season too, we continue to spend accordingly on brand communication, on-ground events, retail premise activation and digital marketing, amongst others.

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