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May 24, 2014

Things They Like: Ashish Shakya

The stand-up comic,columnist, and co-writer of ‘The Week That Wasn’t’, on the jacket he likes wearing during routines, the last gadget he bought, and more...

Things They Like: Ashish Shakya
Ashish Shakya isn’t is a tech freak, he says, but the last gadget he bought was a MacBook Pro which he ‘really liked’.
His wardrobe ranges from casual wear to the classiest. Only at industry events or private parties can he be found in formal wear. He says, “I’m much more comfortable wearing the T-shirt-shorts-flip flop combo. For my stand-up acts, you will usually find me in jeans, T-shirt and a pair of sneakers to boot. For the more formal occasions, I prefer Louis Philippe.”  
He is really fond of a Zara jacket that he has and likes wearing it during his stand-up routines. He recounts referencing to his choice of T-shirts in one of his more recent columns. It read, ‘people like me will continue to fund entities like Marvel, DC, the Simpsons, House, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development...’
“My favorite perfume would undoubtedly be from Calvin Klein”, he reveals. Wrist watches are his only accessory. He currently has an Omega but there’s a Tag Heuer on his wishlist. He jokes, “I love Omega... I’d like a Tag too but sadly, i can’t afford it.”
Ashish says that it is unfair to have him pick a favorite movie/TV show. But he meets us in the middle, saying, “There are just too many great choices to pick from so it is a bit unfair. My favorite movie character is Michael Corleone from The Godfather without a doubt. The American, a TV show, seems interesting.”
In footwear, he prefers Louis Philippe on formal occasions and Reebok or Adidas sneakers for relaxed settings. Unwilling to reveal what his current wheels are, he does say that he’d like to move over to the latest Honda City. As for the car in his wishlist, he points to the Lamborghini.... ‘or anything Italian’.
And the comic in him cannot resist signing off saying, “People don’t care about what I like... they would probably prefer Shah Rukh Khan answering this.
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