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Apr 06, 2015

The 120 Media Collective looks to integrate commercials and content with 'Sniper'

New entity created to focus on new age content needs

The 120 Media Collective looks to integrate commercials and content with 'Sniper'

The 120 Media Collective has announced the launch of ‘Sniper’, an entity that integrates the group's TVC production abilities (Bang Bang Films) with its digital content production offerings to meet modern day content requirements of brands.

Speaking with Campaign India, Roopak Saluja, founder and CEO, The 120 Media Collective, explained the context within which Sniper was thought of: “Brands used to produce anywhere between one to 12 pieces of content every year. Today, brands have started to produce a few dozen to a few hundred pieces of content. When that starts to happen, the shelf life of the content goes down and because of that the willingness to invest in that piece of content goes down."

With budgets not increasing in sync with volume of content, he noted that 'the paradigm changes completely'.

“We’re looking at ‘Sniper’ as a ‘lean’, ‘agile’ and ‘amplified’ entity. Lean because the need of the hour is to provide cost-effective solutions whether to advertisers, media agencies, advertising agencies, publishers etc. Agile, as in, the agility to move between commercials and content and also, amplification of content,” he said.

He further added, “We’re integrating Bang Bang Films and The 120 Media Collective’s digital and content production and that’s what Sniper is. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be producing TV commercials."

The team, he said, will be 'rooted firmly' both in commercials and content.

The 120 Media Collective will be announcing another entity later this month.

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