Arati Rao
Aug 30, 2010

Tata Docomo creates new ‘Pay per use’ TVCs

The campaign by Draftfcb+ulka is on air

New Tata Docomo commercial by Draftfcb+ulka
New Tata Docomo commercial by Draftfcb+ulka

Tata Docomo’s new TVCs are based on the premise that “If people frequently surf a particular website, then why should they be paying for everything else?”

A multimedia campaign by Draftfcb+ulka announced the launch of the packs. The first TVC features a guy who is obsessed with building his body, for which he makes use of every opportunity, by lifting whatever’s at hand like gas cylinders and even babies at the supermarket.  The second commercial features a woman who loves to knit, doing what she likes best in the park, cinema hall and at a party; when she runs out of wool, she decides to unravel her son’s sweater to continue knitting. The series also had 3 animated commercials created using the Tata Docomo characters with specific products featured in each – Social Networking, Email and Tweeting.

KS Chakravarthy (Chax), national creative director, Draftfcb +ulka said, “Simple, insightful scripts like these allow  the director a lot of elbow room to improvise –and Ayyapa has gone to town with it.” He added that Tata Docomo is an avowedly “un-telecom” brand. “We seek our connections from the consumer’s life, not our product nitty-gritty. And that makes the message that much more engaging,” he said.




Agency: Draftfcb+ulka
National creative director: KS Chakravarthy (Chax)
Creative director: Vasudha Mishra
Production house: Footcandle Films
Director: Ayappa

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