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Dec 16, 2019

Talkwalker’s Battle of the Brands: Domino's Vs Pizza Hut (part two)

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Screenshots from recent Pizza Hut (left) and Domino's campaigns
Screenshots from recent Pizza Hut (left) and Domino's campaigns
Pizza hut and Domino’s are two big brands that have always been every kid’s go-to for well, pizza. Just one bite of the cheesy, gooey, pizza makes all your troubles go away. And so the age old battle between the pizza kings continues. Of course, a battle of the brands is, in no way a measure of which pizza is more loved by people – but it does help to give a clear picture of which pizza provider is most talked about on Social media.
Talkwalker, a social media analytics company, based in Luxembourg, takes a closer look at the buzz, using their platform. Talkwalker Analytics analyses the performance of mentions all over the internet and provides key metrics such as engagement, related themes, demographic data, geographic data and influencer data. 
When it comes to pizzas, emotions run strong. Unsurprisingly, for both brands, the strongest emoji associated with them is the pizza slice. What’s really interesting about this analysis is that in terms of absolutely numbers, there are more pizza slice emojis associated with Pizza Hut (1000) than with Domino’s (958). In terms of proportions it’s even more impressive since the total number of emojis for Pizza Hut is much lower than that for Domino’s. The next most popular emoji for both are smileys – for Domino’s it’s crying with laughter and for Pizza Hut, it’s a simple smile. 
Share of Media and Unique Authors
So it’s all well and good to look at conversations but how about unique authors? How many individuals are actually talking about the pizza brands? Domino’s has over double the number of unique authors associated with it as Pizza Hut has.
Additionally, Domino’s also has most conversations taking place on Twitter – this is the same case for Pizza Hut too, but Facebook is also a prominent channel for Pizza Hut.
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