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Jan 03, 2019

Sudhir Nair moves out of Omnicom Media Group

Wants to maintain full focus on the agency he co-founded, 21N78E

Sudhir Nair moves out of Omnicom Media Group
Sudhir Nair has moved out of Omnicom Media Group after a two and a half year stint with the agency. Post this move, Nair wants to solely focus on 21N78E Creative Labs, an agency he founded in 2015. 
Nair had joined Omnicom Media Group in April 2016 as MD - digital. His agency 21N78E Creative Labs had also got into an understanding with Omnicom Media Group to partner as a creative agency wherever synergies permitted. The agreement also saw OMG extend media support to 21N78E. 
In early 2018, Nair was elevated as managing director of Omnicom Media Group.
Nair said, “I had a great run with OMG. Last year we had some of the most prestigious media mandate wins and the specialist capabilities that exist within the system, like Programmatic and Performance, which is arguably one of the best in the country. The partnership with 21N78E also continues to work seamlessly across common clients. However, with 21N78E also moving well along its growth trajectory, it was important for me to take this call and focus my energies full-time on 21N78E. I have been in transition phase since June 2018.”
Harish Shriyan, CEO, Omnicom Media Group, said, “Sudhir bought a strategic maturity to the way we built our new media capabilities and beyond. It was good to have him as a part of my team. 21N78E is his dream and so I understand his reasons to make this move. I wish him all the very best.”
Nair added, “The last two years has been a defining period for 21N78E. We have made some significant investments, we haven’t gone belly-up and the hard work has started paying off. We test piloted our first product meant for farmers. Another product of ours is in the beta stage. We are also building some AI and data driven products that will give us a strategic and creative edge. Bulk of the hard work is done. Now its time to gun for exponential growth and momentum. We have an eclectic and driven bunch of people at the agency. A start-up culture is infectious and crazy. It allows you to be nimble and aggressive at the same time. Fun times ahead hopefully.”
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