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Feb 24, 2011

Sudarshan Banerjee to take charge as head of Ignite Mudra

He will take over from Chandan Nath, who will now move to a new role in the Group

Sudarshan Banerjee to take charge as head of Ignite Mudra

Sudarshan Banerjee will take charge from Chandan Nath, as head of Ignite Mudra from April 1, 2011. Banerjee has been a vice president with Mudra India for the last two years, leading the new business agenda in the Mudra West operation.

Chandan Nath, who has been with the Mudra Group for the past 17 years, will continue with the Group in a new role. As of April 1, 2011, Nath will hand over the day to day operations to Banerjee and move to a strategic role in the Mudra Group, alongside the Ignite Mudra agenda.

Speaking of the move, Nath said, “I have been steering the Ahmedabad office for the last seven years, and for the last 2 years I have led ‘Ignite Mudra’. I welcome the opportunity to move on to a more strategic role within the Mudra Group and contribute to its growth agenda. I will continue to consult and mentor the Ignite team.”

Speaking of the move, Banerjee said, “Ignite Mudra is the only agency in the country that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build powerful and profitable brands. Leading it is a great opportunity, because it means we will help stroke the fires of entrepreneurship that are sparking across the country, especially in smaller cities. I have always had an entrepreneurial bent of mind, so I am looking forward to the challenge and the excitement that this move brings.”

Speaking on this development, Pratap Bose, chief executive officer, Ignite Mudra, said, “The time is right for us to push aggressively for exponential growth. Chandan has built an excellent base that we can now build on. We have a young passionate team which under the able stewardship of Sudarshan will propel Ignite Mudra as the ‘Agency of Choice’ for entrepreneurs who want to build value for their brands. The recent acquisition of the Paras brands by Reckitt Benckiser for approximately 750 million USD is a great testimony to what Ignite Mudra is capable of. It is our endeavor to replicate this same success story for all ourcurrent and future Ignite Mudra brands.’’

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