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Oct 19, 2010

Sajan Raj Kurup to present Hippo case study at TWTRCON 2010

The conference will be held in San Francisco on November 17-18, 2010

Sajan Raj Kurup to present Hippo case study at TWTRCON 2010

Sajan Raj Kurup, founder and creative chairman of Creativeland Asia has been invited to present the Hippo Inventory Tracking case-study at TWTRCON 2010, the Twitter Conference in San Francisco.
The Twitter Conference looks at showcasing innovative business use of real-time web. The agency conceptualized and helped in executing the use of Twitter to solve a technical problem like inventory tracking for Hippo Baked Munchies. 

Kurup will be joining the list of TWTRCON speakers comprising the likes of Scott Monty (Head, Social Media - Ford Motors), Othman Laraki, (Director, Twitter), Steve Rubel (Senior vice president - Edelman Digital), Avinash Kaushik, (Analytics evangelist, Google).  He said, “To be invited to present the Hippo case study at TWTRCON San Francisco vindicates the time and effort Creativeland invests in understanding and leveraging new media. We are constantly seeking to invent and evolve, and it’s bound to benefit all our brands.”

Kurup will be discussing how Creativeland went about tackling a problem as technical as sales and distribution by employing a marketing solution on Twitter. Hippo (@HelloMeHippo) asked his followers to tweet him, whenever they failed to find Hippo packs in stores. People were using cell phones to instantly send stock updates. A core cell was set up to gather this information and was sent to the respective distributors. And in less than 48 hours, the stock was replenished. Thus, Hippo managed its supply chain on a real-time basis.

Tonia Ries, chief creative officer of Modern Media and organizer of TWTRCON, said, “ The Hippo Inventory Tracking system is a case study of a creative and unusual Twitter business application - we are delighted that we can share it with our audience at the event in San Francisco.”

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