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Dec 08, 2023

Rapid fire with Devaiah Bopanna

Our year-ender this time around places the fraternity on the 'hot seat' to answer questions about the year gone by and their expectations from 2024

Rapid fire with Devaiah Bopanna

Campaign India's year-ender series continues with Devaiah Bopanna, co-founder, Moonshot.


This year, we're reaching out to the advertising, media and marketing communities, and asking them to give quick, crisp answers to a set of questions intended to highlight the highs and lows of the year gone by, and their take on technology advancements.


Here's Bopanna's take on it:


Data or gut: Train yourself on data, but create only by your gut. 
AI a boon or bane: 100% boon. It's like an all-star team working for you, for less than 20 dollars a month. It's going to help creatives get wealthier because the only way we make money is by renting time. And time is limited. Being assisted by AI will help us do things faster and free up more time to create more wealth.
A gift you want from Santa: Virality at will.
One piece of professional advice you would give to your past self at the beginning of 2023: Don't overthink and over-write good ideas.
The most valuable lesson you learned from a professional failure this year: Account for failure in plans if you're taking some crazy moonshots. And make everyone aware of these possible points of failure. 
If your New Year resolution had a tagline for 2024, what would it be? Don't write taglines for free, even if Campaign India is asking for it!
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