Radio One – bringing the world of international music to the global Indian

Radio One appeals to intelligent and evolved listeners – which the brand calls “International Indians”

Feb 19, 2020 10:33:00 AM | Article | Partner Content

One World. Your Station 
This is the belief that is engrained in every thought Radio One has, every step it takes, and every move it makes. Music sets its audience apart – Music sets the brand apart.
Radio One runs India's largest International format Radio Network in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Radio One appeals to intelligent and evolved listeners – which the brand calls “International Indians”. The international Indians live in India, geographically, but are at par on psychographics, with their global counterparts - in terms of awareness, sensibilities and motivations. They cherish uniqueness - unique taste in music is symbolic of the unique trail of their lives. They prefer international music - it maybe something they have grown up listening to or it simply sets them apart as listeners – in any case, it showcases their evolved taste. They are determinedly individualistic in the way they obtain and use information, make choices and create opinions. Their ears are open to music, talks, and shows, etc. which are peppered with a dose of uniqueness. It’s this strong sense of self and individual identity which makes them want to be distinctive and discerning in their lifestyle choices, which also manifests in their choice of content. They are what they consume.
Radio One gives its listeners exactly this and more. With content pegged in five major buckets which resonates with its audience, the brand has successfully built communities around food, music, sports, travel and fitness and gone way beyond just music. With shows that showcase global lifestyle related to travel, food, cinema backed by experiences of celebrities such as Ranveer Singh, Rajeev Masand, to globally celebrated RJs like Ryan Seacrest, Casey Kasem, to associations with global events like U2 concert, or global brands such as Hard Rock Café, Radio One truly emerges as India’s favorite global lifestyle destination.
The brand has also built various path breaking properties and associations with Sula Fest and VH1 Supersonic – which has emerged as the country’s most valued multi-genre music and experiential festival. The recent wave of Start-ups gets satiated by the brand’s exclusive property – Start-up Sit-down, which features established start-up founders, highlights their journeys thereby inspiring all the budding founders and entrepreneurs.
Radio One is operational in 7 Indian cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune and Ahmedabad. It runs India's largest International format Radio Network in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore; the CHR format in Pune and Ahmedabad; Hindi Retro format in Kolkata, and cool Tamil format in Chennai.
Radio One is part of the Fever Network which houses three distinct radio stations – Fever FM, Radio Nasha and Radio One. The Fever Network spans across 22 stations and 15 cities, providing the widest array of content, music and advertising options for our listeners and advertisers.