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Mar 02, 2016

Promoted Content: Airtel puts the spotlight on young writers with “Paanch Nanhi Kalme”

To celebrate the joy of storytelling, Airtel innovates with technology to give young and talented storytellers a stage

Promoted Content: Airtel puts the spotlight on young writers with “Paanch Nanhi Kalme”
Airtel launched its Paanch Nanhi Kalme video at the 2016 Jaipur Literature Festival, which gave 5 kids from the heart of rural India an outlet for their creativity, in the most innovative way possible. 
In this video created by JWT, viewers are given a heartwarming reminder of the wonders of budding youth and raw talent. 
In association with Airtel, Amish Tripathi, one of India’s best-selling authors, wrote a book with 5 lucky kids. He wrote the beginning of the book, and each of the kids write the rest, and together they created a masterpiece that promises to be a joy for every book lover to read. 
These 5 children are now not only published authors, a dream all of them would never have believed would be realized, they are also an inspiration to talented writers around the country. 
But that isn’t all. 
This entire initiative was conducted virtually, with Amish and the kids never having actually met throughout it all. 
These kids even got the chance to tell their story at the Jaipur Literature Festival, and in truly futuristic fashion, at that. Airtel teleported these children to JLF with the help of 3-D holograms, much to the delight of attendees, where they told their story with the help of Amish. 
This video is a true testament to the combined power of storytelling and technology, which together are an unstoppable force that can make all sorts of dreams come true. 

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