Raahil Chopra
Jul 01, 2011

'Performance' and 'pick-up' highlighted in Mak Supreme's new campaign

WATCH the TVC created by Saatchi & Saatchi here

'Performance' and 'pick-up' highlighted in Mak Supreme's new campaign

Bharat Petroleum has rolled out its latest advertising campaign for its engine oil brand, 'Mak Supreme'.

The TVC created by Saatchi & Saatchi, shows Jamshed (the protagonist, a senior man) winning a challenge thrown by a young man in a sports car. Jamshed is shown waiting at a signal, for it to turn green when a young man in a sports car comes and parks his car alongside him and gives him a provoking look. As the lights turn green, in a dramatised manner, Jamshed uses the pick up of his car, which has been enhanced by the use of 'Mak Supreme', and stuns the young man by defeating him by a big margin between two signals.

Watch the TVC here (story continues below)



Talking about the campaign, Ramanuj Shastry, chief creative officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, said, “The client brief to us was, ‘Supreme is a premium engine oil with technology that ensures maximum realisation of engine power’. BPCL also shared that the film would be used during the F1 circuit, which BPCL was associating with. This helped us sharpen our focus on the benefit of the engine oil to ‘Performance’ and we chose Pick-up over other attributes as it sounded more believable and one that we can all relate to.”

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Client: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Chief creative officer: Ramanuj Shastry

Creative team: Amit Acharekar, Sandeep Poyekar, Mustafa Rangwala, Samir
Planning: Aditya Anoopkumar
Account management: Ashish Dalvi, Dushyant Kumar, Natasha Somani

Producer: Nirvana Films

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