Arati Rao
Oct 06, 2010

New Tanishq commercial isn’t just about the jewellery

Lowe Lintas pitches the thought “Beautiful gold for beautiful people”

New Tanishq commercial isn’t just about the jewellery

Tanishq has a new TVC on air for their ‘Glam Gold’ collection. In the ad, a female author, whose book is being released, gets upset as her moment in the spotlight at the launch party is taken over by her friend who’s wearing Tanishq Glam Gold jewellery. Realising this, the friend makes the excuse of having a headache and exits the party. When her husband asks her why she pretended, she replies, “It’s better than stealing someone’s evening.” The voiceover then says, "Beautiful gold for beautiful people."

Arun Iyer, national creative director at Lowe Lintas, the agency behind the commercial, said, “Like in the previous ad for wedding jewellery [featuring Arundhati Nag], we’re trying to move Tanishq into a slightly warmer zone with real life insights. Instead of the usual clichés and advertising exaggerations, we took the human angle in this one.”

Watch the TVC


Chairman  : R. Balki

National Creative Director : Arun Iyer

Creative Director :  Rajesh Ramaswamy

Production House : Equinox

Director (of the film) : Ram Madhvani

Media Agency: Maxus

Post-production Studio: famous

Exposure (mediums used): TV

Executive Vice President(servicing) GV Krishnan Executive Vice President(servicing)

Executive Vice President (planning) Vikram Sathyanath 

AVP(servicing) Sudhir Rajasekharan 

Brand services director(servicing) Bhavna Thakur

Sr.BSM(servicing) Dhwani Modi

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