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Feb 10, 2014

Navneeth Mohan joins Laqshya Media Group

Mohan previously worked with E18 as COO

Navneeth Mohan joins Laqshya Media Group

Navneeth Mohan has joined the Laqshya Media Group to create 'Laqshya Live Experiences' (LLE) that is aimed at creating new consumer engagement designs and experiences. Mohan joins the company as CEO of LLE.

Mohan joins the group from E18, where he was COO. He has also worked with Encompass and BIG Live.

LLE will operate out of the group's offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru and with Laqshya Media Group offices in 20 other cities gives LLE tremendous reach, operational strength and access in any market in the country today.

On the launch of Laqshya Live Experiences, Alok Jalan, managing director, Laqshya Media Group, said, “In today's rapidly changing world, where all brands want to engage with consumers continuously and innovatively, we wanted to integrate the power of OOH with experiential marketing services and digital media in order to create a compelling proposition for marketers. Laqshya Live Experiences is our first step in that direction.”

Mohan, said, "This is probably the fastest and most efficient change management that the industry has ever witnessed. I have always believed that the basic building blocks for any successful business are its clients, people and supply chain partners, everything is built around this and people become the core that connect all the dots. I’m really proud to be a part of a team that stuck together during this change."

He added, "The last quarter of 2013 was one of the most challenging ones we faced but also one of the most successful ones with some of our most spectacular work so far. We managed more than 45 shows panning across 20 cities for clients ranging from media and entertainment, real estate, finance, service industry, information technology, education, hospitality and many more. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement extended by our clients and our supply chain partners across the country and more so the champion team that rallied together, so the credit for this success goes to them. I realised that the game needs to be changed and the key to making that change is scaling up quickly so that we can provide an enhanced value proposition to our clients. In the very first meeting with Laqshya Media Group and Mr. Jalan, I knew that we have found the ideal partners for integration, as they shared a similar vision as us. With their strength and expertise across outdoor assets, advertising and digital media, it creates a unique opportunity for Laqshya Live Experiences to offer a bouquet of services and value additions to clients. We have laid out an aggressive strategy for the future and I would like to believe this is not the end of the change management process but the beginning of the next phase of change and innovation."

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