Raahil Chopra
Aug 30, 2011

Miller High Life is the brand behind 'The Coolest Job'

A teaser campaign across social media for The Coolest Job has been going on for close to 40 days

Miller High Life is the brand behind 'The Coolest Job'

SABMiller has launched its latest brand of beer, Miller High Life in India. Prior to the launch, a teaser campaign was created and run across social media to gain eyeballs.

The teaser campaign asked social media buffs to endorse the brand’s spirit 'Work Hard and Party Hard', and stand a chance to earn Rs 1,00,000 per month while doing so.
To apply for 'The Coolest Job', one needed to be active on Facebook, and be famous amongst your friends.

See the teaser campaign


Commenting on the idea behind this launch, Derek Jones, director, marketing, SABMiller, India, said, "Many brands in the space that we operate in follow a formulised way of launching their brand. We wanted to be distinctive and different from brands in our space and so we decided to create 'The Coolest Job'. Our consumers are young professionals who have a strong affinity to social media and so we went down the social media route and thought of putting our advertisements across in this way."

On the response received ,Gurudev Prasad, senior brand manager, Miller High Life, said, "We got close to 80,000 fans in 40 days without revealing the brand. We also received thousands of applications for the job with close to 5000 people actually sending their resumes. We have a big task ahead of us to shortlist the contestants for the job. The campaign also caught the eye of the media who wanted interactions to know the brand behind the campaign."

On the future of the campaign, now that the brand has been revealed, Prasad, said, "Unveiling the brand has added a new life cycle to the brand. We will continue with our efforts across the social networks and there will be a new campaign released shortly that will be created by the fans and will be for the fans."

Following the first round, there will be a second round to announce the winner of 'The Coolest Job'. This will include skill testing and it will be judged by a panel of celebrities.

Miller High Life has brought in Mudra as their advertising agency. A Bangalore based agency called Geek Online Ventures is the digital agency.

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