Prasad Sangameshwaran
Mar 20, 2017 to look at an Indian debut

Former BBH top executive says the initiative will help Indians discover their national sexual identity to look at an Indian debut
Cindy Gallop, the former chairperson of BBH in the US and a renowned marketing thinker is actively looking at bringing her user generated sexual edutainment site, (MLNP) to India.
Speaking to Campaign India, Gallop who was in India on a private visit mentioned that she has initiated talks with investors to realise her aim of setting up MLNP in the land of the Kamasutra. “I am aware of the sensibilities of this topic in India and I would ensure that the Indian site would address all those concerns,” she said.
She said that even as the site has no presence in India, there is a lot of traffic from India and the site has been receiving a lot of communication from India including basic queries like, “what is sex” from teenagers.
Every country has its national sexual identity, she said and added that it was important for the citizens to discover their country’s sexual identity. When people are free to talk about sex and are educated enough on the topic, then incidents of sexual violence will surely drop down. 
According to Gallop, there is a huge need for a content site like MNLP because most sexual education is by default from porn sites. “Most parents teach their children how to behave well in life and they grow up to be fine citizens. But there is almost no education on how to behave in bed,” she said.
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