Prasad Sangameshwaran

Jan 28, 2020

'Finding that balance between speed-to-market and ...

The global CMO of Refinitiv speaks about what inspires her, the importance of holding on to the attribute of trust and the must-dos in a rebranding exercise

Jan 28, 2020

Deepika Padukone: 'A star with her heart in the ...

A study by the Indian Institute of Human Brands in association with Campaign India shows that Brand Deepika Padukone has emerged stronger post her appearance in JNU

Jan 27, 2020

'The verification process gives agencies a much ...

Stephen Dolan, managing director - Apac, Integral Ad Science, discusses the importance of ad verification

Jan 10, 2020

"There are many who are hoping AI is just a fad ...

With the increasing usage of MarTech, "the role of marketing managers is now about metrics and strategy and not about promotions and creatives," says Rajkumar Venkatesan, professor of business administration, Darden School of Business in a conversation with Campaign India

Oct 09, 2019

'I was eight months pregnant and working on a pitch ...

Merlee Cruz-Jayme, chairmom and CCO of Philippines-based, Dentsu Jayme-Syfu, provides a first person account of gender stereotyping in the advertising business and how women can fend it off. This is the second part of the article, taken from her address at Spikes Asia 2019

Sep 30, 2019

Spikes Asia 2019: 'You have to fight back at all costs'

Chief creative officer and Chairmom of Dentsu Jayme Syfu, Merlee Cruz-Jayme recounts the days of harassment and how she fought back