Manmohan Taparia
Jan 12, 2012

Looking back: 2011, Going ahead: 2012 - Pramod Bhandula

Continuing our feature, marketing director of JCDecaux, Pramod Bhandula shares his thoughts.

Looking back: 2011, Going ahead: 2012 - Pramod Bhandula

Looking back: What have been the macro-level gains for India in 2011? It would be from a marketing point of view, and you could focus on OOH too.

Unlike global markets, India is on the growth path, same applies to the marketing industry including OOH as well

What kind of work / campaigns / events impressed you the most in 2011; and why?

The successful organisation of the F1 race has put India on the global F1 circuit. The Cricket World Cup victory was also a memorable event. Most significant event was Anna Hazare’s anti corruption movement which united the entire nation as one. The most successful tagline was “I am Anna”.

They say growth in India will be driven by rural markets, the 350 small towns spread across the country and PSUs. True or false? And why or why not?

The successfully running PSUs like SBI and ONGC have not been highlighted enough, much like the rural markets in India. Tier II cities are already on the radar and the next focus is definitely on the Tier III cities/towns. Many PSU’s have gone global and are playing a major role in the economic growth of the country.

How can we sustain a strong and diverse talent pool in ad land which has equity across the globe?

When you are on a progressive path as a nation, the talent pool is returning home to be a part of this growth wave. India is currently the land of opportunity.

Harish Manwani, the COO of Unilever said: India is the future of the world. Does this statement reflect the reality? Your comment.

Harish Manwani’s vision is crystal clear and adequate; India is the largest democracy and one of the fastest growing economies in the world

If you had to start this business all over again in 2011, you would...

Overall the year 2011 has been productive, given the opportunity I would like to adapt a more consolidated approach.

If you could design the Indian business for 2012 with a clean sheet of paper, what were the three things you would do?

I would plan well & pace ahead with full force and a positive outlook, the future is great and it is time to take the conventional formats to the next level

What do you ask the person in the mirror every morning?

Wake up man, there is so much to do and so little time.

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