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Jun 24, 2020

Lions Live 2020: ‘Emotional is the only rational’

Jean-Remy von Matt calls for more creativity in a ‘data-driven world’

Jean-Remy von Matt
Jean-Remy von Matt
Jean-Remy von Matt, co-founder, Jung von Matt called for more creative thinking stating that emotional is the only rational during day three of Lions Live. 
He said that with a ‘restless’ increase in technology solutions people are being led to believe that lives are becoming more rational and our actions and feelings will soon be steered only by data and algorithms. 
In a short five-minute session, he went on to state that there is clear evidence of it actually being exactly the opposite.
“Humans are behaving more and more emotional. The reason for this is that our complex, volatile, disrupting world takes its toll on us. It's too much too complicated and too fast. Many studies claim that whenever we can't grasp something rationally we let our instincts takeover. Therefore, soft factors will take precedence over hard facts and determine tomorrow's consumer behaviour. We won't love a car for more horsepower but because it shares our responsibility for people and nature. We won't pick a bank for slightly better interest but because it has meaning. The winners will be brands, products and services that invest in something called emotional momentum - in short emomentum. Sure, state of the art technology will remain a pre-condition for business success but machines can't create emomentum. Only creativity can," he said.  
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