Shephali Bhatt
Oct 12, 2011

Lenovo launches tablets with the 'Do' mindset

Lenovo intends to market the tablets as 'The do anything, anywhere, anytime tablets'

Lenovo launches tablets with the 'Do' mindset

Lenovo has launched a host of tablets that will be available in different markets of India by the end of October. The launch involves three types of tablets, IdeaPad K1 and A1 for consumers, and ThinkPad tablet for business professionals.

The creative agency at the helm for this launch is Ogilvy & Mather and the campaign will be released in the next one week.

For the launch of their first family of tablets, Lenovo is propagating the 'Do' mindset communicating that theirs will be 'The do anything, anywhere, anytime tablets'.

Commenting on the marketing strategy for the tablets, Shailendra Katyal, director, marketing, Lenovo, said, "We are aiming mainly at above-the-line (ATL) activities for marketing the tablets and we will focus on a lot of in-store experience as well. The core proposition would be to highlight that these are the 'Do' machines that can help you do all the amazing things that you thought weren't feasible so far."

He added that with the launch of these tablets, Lenovo's digital spend will soar up significantly.  

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