Campaign India Team
Nov 26, 2021

Keira Knightley savours the pause with Black Dog

Watch the film conceptualised by Virtue Worldwide here

Keira Knightley savours the pause with Black Dog

Black Dog has rolled out a campaign titled, 'Savour The Pause'. 


Conceptualised by Virtue Worldwide, the film features actor Keira Knightley. It aims to spread the message, 'The pace never ends, savour the pause' and hopes to dial-up its international stature. 


In the film Knightley is walking through a bustling metropolitan street. It showcases the pace young achievers are striving towards. However, she takes a momentary pause as she comes across a mirrored door, inviting her to a world that helps her savour the pause and find a well-balanced life. 


​Watch the film here.


Abhishek Shahabadi, vice president and portfolio head, scotch and premium whites, Diageo India, said, “We are thrilled to have Keira Knightley onboard to deliver Black Dog’s next chapter of success and establish its leadership in the Indian industry. Her strong Scottish-English heritage resonates with the brand seamlessly. She is the perfect embodiment of achieving a harmonious balance in her personal space, while also delivering a critically acclaimed body of work as part of her career. Keira’s persona fits in perfectly with the renovated brand world of Black Dog that’s all about craftsmanship, harmony and fine taste. Through this campaign we want achievers to savour the pause as it is essential to power the pace.” 

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