Arati Rao
Feb 01, 2012

Indies come together to form new international network Tribe Global

Turab Lakdawala of Tempest Advertising, one of the founder agencies, answers all our questions about the new network

Indies come together to form new international network Tribe Global

A group of independent agencies has come together to launch a new international network – Tribe Global.

The network, which saw its international launch take place in London on 27 January 2012, has been founded by 13 independent, owner-run and managed agencies from  around the world, many  of whom have worked on joint projects during the past five to eight years.

The founder agencies include: BJL (UK), Complete Media Group (UK), Defacto.X ( Germany), Bolin Marketing (USA), Dagre (France), Family (UK), Gaudelli MCW (Mexico), Iteract (Luxembourg), Stream (Netherlands), The Adstore (UK), GkBrand (USA), Punktzwei Markenagentur (Germany) and Tempest Advertising (India)


L to R: Ian Wright (Family, Edinburgh, UK), Marco van Rookhuijzen  (Steam, Amsterdam, Holland), Jean Dagre´ (Dagre´, Strasbourg, France), Nicky Unsworth (BJL, Manchester, UK), Jonathan Hall (The Adstore, London, UK), Nick Mann (Complete Media Group, London, UK), Patrick Bérézowsky (Punktzwei Markenagentur, Dusseldorf, Germany), Turab Lakdawala (Tempest Advertising, Hyderabad, India), Roberto Gaudelli  (Gaudelli MCW, Miguel Higaldo, Mexico), Claus Schuster (defacto.X, Erlangen, Germany), Daniel Eischen (Interact, Luxembourg)

A statement on the network website says: "Bringing together like-minded, dynamic agencies, the network aims to provide an international offering to both current and future clients, whilst nurturing and developing creative expertise through a talent sharing scheme."

We asked Turab Lakdawala, managing director of Hyderabad-based Tempest, about the new network and what it means for Indian brands:

CI: What is the purpose behind the formation of Tribe Global?

Turab Lakdawala (TL): Tribe Global would be an agile network for "Challenger Brands" requiring high degree of local knowledge with a global perspective. Each and every member of Tribe Global is an owner managed communications agency ensuring that clients get attention from the senior most executives, many of whom have worked in large advertising agencies or Fortune 500 companies themselves. Tribe Global therefore would offer seamless service to clients who require communication service across countries. Also, every member is driven by a “passion for advertising” and is not driven by corporate headquarters' objectives, ensuring that our clients get value for money at every stage of their interaction with our members.

CI: How long have talks been on between the constituent agencies?

TL: Members of Tribe Global have known each other for five to eight years and many have worked on accounts jointly in the past. Discussion for setting up Tribe Global have been on for about a year. Prior to the formal launch in London, meetings were held in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg to finalise the structure and working of the network.

CI: Why has Tempest chosen to be a part of the network? Can other Indian indies also join?

TL: Tempest is the founder member of Tribe Global. With Indian companies looking at international operations aggressively, we strongly believe that we would be able to leverage the network and provide the perspective and service that would be needed. In addition, it would provide our employees an opportunity to work with international companies. This would be possible through joint projects and also through exchange programs that we propose to start within the network.

Each agency has to meet several criteria for becoming a member of Tribe Global. These would include the agency’s track record in terms of ethics, quality of work, volumes, duration in the business and ability to contribute to the network in terms of knowledge. At present Tribe Global is looking at expanding into China, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Russia and select European countries. We would be open to new membership from India at a later stage. However if we receive interest from agencies in India, each applicant would be evaluated on the criteria mentioned above.

CI: What has been the investment in the formation of the network? Do the constituent agencies have equity stakes?

TL: There is no exchange of equity amongst network members. However, each member would pay an annual fee in addition to a small percentage of the income that is generated through Tribe Global. This money would be used to undertake research in the field of communication and also undertake CSR activities which would help society at large.

CI: What does Tribe Global's formation mean for Indian brands?

TL: For Indian brands wanting to operate with an international outlook, it would mean an opportunity to get knowledge from the experience of Tribe Global members, right here in India. An interesting example would be the experience of one of our members in creating a “Zero Carbon Footprint” campaign, which is possibly a first in advertising. In addition, for those wanting to go global, it would mean a better value for money option.

CI: Does this launch have any implications for the networks in India or the other independents?

TL: More than other networks/independents, we would focus on giving the Indian advertiser a credible choice.

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