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Aug 31, 2016

IndIAA Awards 2016 to be hosted on 16 September in Mumbai

Jury headed by Pepsico chairman D Shivakumar picks best in each category

IndIAA Awards 2016 to be hosted on 16 September in Mumbai
The second edition of the International Advertising Association (IAA) India chapter's IndIAA Awards will be hosted in Mumbai on 16 September 2016. 
The IndIAA awards were launched last year 'for real creative advertising that was backed by real budgets'.
A jury chaired by Pepsico India chairman and CEO D Shivakumar met on 27 August in Mumbai to deliberate on over a 100 shortlists, and pick the best work in each category. The panel comprised Shantanu Khosla of Crompton Greaves, VL Rajesh of ITC Foods, Geetu Verma of Hindustan Unilever, Sanjay Behl of Raymond and Amit Syngle of Asian Paints. 
Shivakumar said, “We just finished seeing over 100 shortlisted commercials from 19 to 20 categories. We spend about four and a half hours reviewing some outstanding work and some average work. We judged the commercials and the whole campaign under three parameters. One, does it make us think on the brand and the category in a fresh way. Two, is the benefit visualised brilliantly as a lot of it is in the audio visual medium. Three, how campaignable is this.. I must say that the whole process has been outstanding and the results have been pretty simple and clear. I wish all the winners the very best and for those who haven’t won, best of luck for the next time.”
Pradeep Guha, chairman, IndIAA Awards, said, “In our second edition, advertising campaigns that were released between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016 will be honoured in multiple product and service categories. To qualify for the award, the campaign should have film (TV or digital) as one of its elements. In each product or service category, no more than an overall winner was awarded."
Srinivasan Swamy, president, IAA India chapter and SVP, IAA Global, added, “At the IndIAA Awards event, you will see campaigns that have been watched and loved, and went on to impress our stellar jury. Therefore, we will invite on stage all the co-creators of the campaign to accept the award. This will include the marketing team, the agency creative team, the media team and other agencies that contributed to the success of the campaign. A special website  now hosts all the nominees of the campaigns across 21 categories. Advertising and marketing professionals can review the work and indicate their choices by clicking on the ‘like’ button.”
Like in 2015, Campaign India was a knowledge partner for IndIAA Awards 2016, responsible for screening nominations invited from the industry and scanning all work that appeared during the eligibility period, to arrive at the shortlist. 
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