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Sep 08, 2011

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 is the top news story in the first half of 2011

News related to ICC World Cup Cricket led the top News Stories list and Crime topped in the News Category list in first half of 2011

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 is the top news story in the first half of 2011

According to recent reports released by TAM Media Research, with the help of their analytical tool, News Content Track, news stories related to ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 made it to the top in the list of Top 10 News Stories telecast during the period from Jan1 to June 30, 2011 with a 10.01% share of the total telecast duration.

Baba Ramdev’s campaign against corruption stood second in the list with a 3.32 % share. Indian Premier League 2011 occupied 3.25 % of the whole pie while report on the Jan Lokpal Bill (which was the most telecast news of week 35) amassed 2.87% telecast duration overall.

The 2008 scam of 2G telecom spectrum allocation had 2.72% share and news reports declaring Osama Bin Laden’s death occupied 2.25% share. Zodiac forecast, earthquake in Japan and Arushi’s murder case reserved their share in the pie with 1.84%, 1.09% and 1.06% respectively. News reports related to Anti-Government protest in Egypt garnered 0.91% of the telecast duration.

As for the top 10 News categories of the first half of 2011, Crime and Law & Order related news occupied the highest telecast duration with a 31.75% share. Second to that was Sports news genre with 19.13% share, just leading ahead of Political and Government news which took up 14.67% of the telecast duration. Entertainment and social news occupied 10.66% and 10.51% telecast time respectively, while weather and environment related news managed to gather 2.52% of the share. News genres like Mishaps and Astrology carried 2.15% and 1.98% share each.

Lastly, Financial news and Spirituality were the least telecast news genre in the first half of 2011 with a share of 1.03% each.

The news channels that were tracked are Aaj Tak, CNN IBN, Headlines Today, IBN 7, India TV, NDTV 24/7, NDTV India, Star News, Times Now and Zee News. 


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Source: News Content Track, analytical tool of TAM Media Research


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