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Oct 12, 2011

How tablets are reinventing the future of magazine media

A report from the second session of the 38th FIPP World Magazine Congress

How tablets are reinventing the future of magazine media

Ralf Buchi, head of the International Division, Axel Springer, Germany stated during his presentation that the trend shows a positive growth in the field of tablet publishing as the readers look for the extra something.
Neil Morgan, managing director, McPheters, UK pointed out that the penetration of tablets is expected to triple over the next two years with 57% of sales coming from outside the USA.
He stated, “For every six PCs, there would be three iPads. Plus the number of publications related to iPad apps is expanding rapidly.”
Interestingly enough, he added, “Android is growing rapidly. While one lakh apps are written for iPad, Android only has 5000 apps.”
In spite of these figures, Morgan stated, “A majority of the magazine apps are minimally enhanced PDF replicas. Links are the most common enhancements, followed by social networking.”
The other trend is that internet advertising is growing. The downside is that still the apps need to be downloaded and monitoring the results is still difficult. Also, to put across a campaign you need to talk to each of the app publishers.
Morgan was quite clear that, “The apps that are easy to navigate win hands down, and another important point is design. It is still very early. How quickly will the tablets be adopted is to be seen. Kindle 5 will be the first real opportunity to see publishing on Android platform.”
Morgan cautioned, “How quickly publishers enter the market is another point. If you can offer subscription, it gives a constant reminder to me that there is something that you offer.”
Meanwhile PEO Strindlund, vice President of sales Europe and Asia, Magplus stated, “Tablet is still an immature market. There are 4.4 billion internet users, 4.9 billion mobile subscribers, 107 trillion emails being sent today.”
Other key statistics were: in the USA, digital advertising is worth US $25.8 billion; while 10.3 million tablets and 3.7 million e-readers were sold in US in 2010.
As per a forecast by Forrester Research, the 24 million users in 2011 will rise to 44 million by 2015 in the USA.
Snapshot about tablets from the session

Technology is the evolution and consumption is the revolution.
94.5% of people when asked said that they prefer the iPad among tablets.
Tablet ownership:

35-54 year old expanded from 28 to 35%.
55+ segment expanded from 10 to 30%.
Share of 18-34 has decreased from 62 to 46% in Q2.
A third of the people surveyed spend more time on the tablet than on TV.
Ads on iPad

35% more time spent on page, compared to print to online.
64% more time spent on ads.
21% increased visibility.
Ads are perceived as positive elements.
Monthlies moving towards bi-weekly or weekly editions.
A willingness to pay (most of the users are wealthy at the moment).
Strindlund advocated the following suggestions: “Creativity is priority; Go for multiplatform; New business models; Innovate and recreate the product; One-push solutions; Stress on statistic; and study your market.”

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