Manmohan Taparia
Oct 22, 2011

Friday box office

There six notable films releasing today, ranging from horror to animation. Take a look at what’s in theatres this weekend.

Friday box office

Nothing very interesting from Bollywood this weekend, two of films released this weekend are:
The animated film, “Jumbo 2” and comical drama film “Be Careful” starring Rajpal Yadav.

Hollywood releases four  movies this Friday with slightly more variety to take your pick from. The Paranormal Activity series returns with the third film, which is said to be a prequel to the earlier two films. The horror film focuses on the early life of the protagonists where they claim to be haunted by a demon.

“Last Night” is a romantic drama film starring Keira Knightley, Eva Mendes and Sam Worthington among others.

Also releasing is “The Whistleblower”  starring Rachel Weisz and Monica Bellucci and the sci-fi film “Aliens vs Avatars” .

Catch the trailers of the Hollywood films here:

Paranormal Activity 3

Last Night

The Whistle Blower

Aliens vs Avatars

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