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Apr 07, 2020

'Don't exploit coronavirus to promote a brand': Report

Kantar's Barometer India study conducted across 19 cities in the country

'Don't exploit coronavirus to promote a brand': Report
Kantar has released the Covid-19 Barometer India study that was conducted across 19 cities with 1,100 samples. 
According to the study, 28 per cent of the respondents expect brands to be trusted sources of accurate information. Consumers don't want brands to stop advertising during this period, but 71 per cent of them state that they mustn't exploit coronavirus to promote a brand. 
At the same time, 79 per cent of the respondents stated that brands must show how helpful they can be in the new everyday life, post the lockdown and 77 per cent would want them to show their efforts to face the situation. 
Outside of brand involvement, the respondents, which consisted of 18+ year old men and women belonging to NCCS A and B, were anxious echoing the general mood of the nation. Day-to-day disruption (69 per cent) bothers Indians more than health concerns (48 per cent).
The respondents stated how shared mobility is likely to take a hit in the future. 55 per cent of the respondents are looking at a complete stop on usage of public transport. 35 per cent would stop taxis/ride hailing apps, 58 per cent would stop domestic air travel, 57 per cent would stop railway travel. 
The study was conducted between 19-22 March. 
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