Campaign India Team
Jan 27, 2015

Disney repositions, alters weekend programming

Moves to family entertainment channel over weekends

Disney repositions, alters weekend programming
Disney has altered its programming to include family entertainment content over weekends while still retaining the current format for weekdays. Just shy of fully converting to a general entertainment channel (GEC), the channel has announced three new shows  as part of the weekend programming. 
Vijay Subramaniam, VP- Content and Communications, Media Networks, Disney India, said, “Globally Disney is a family entertainment brand and in India, Disney Channel has represented the brand by providing viewers a decade of quality entertainment for kids.  With entertaining stories and campaigns that have encouraged them to express, believe in themselves and follow their dreams, the channel has defined television viewing experiences for kids. Now, with a renewed promise, the channel is progressing to provide a wholesome, uplifting entertainment experience for the entire family."
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