Ananya Saha
Jan 16, 2014

D Rajappa launches Aamrass

Agency to provide consulting, digital and marcomm services

D Rajappa launches Aamrass
D Rajappa, ex-president of Rediffusion Y&R, has launched ‘Aamrass’. The agency has started with consulting assignments, and claims to be working on developing digital applications and forging strategic partnerships.
Outlining the philosophy, Rajappa said, “Digital technology and convergence is driving a disruptive change. This is only going to be further amplified with smart devices and expanding access. This change will drive price-value equations and old paradigms to be reassessed.”
He added, “This scenario presents an opportunity for creating engagement with consumers through digital apps/products and services to manage conversations for building a vibrant brand. (This is a) Great opportunity for a nimble footed ‘Amoeba’ kind of business structure that can adapt, collaborate and create value.”
According to him, Aamrass was born out of the philosophy of ‘providing the perfect balance to build vibrant brands’. The name uses the analogy of juice from ‘King of fruits’ in India to connote distillation and analytics of a marketing challenge and strategy, for a solution. The logo manifests the ‘yin and yang’ visually.
In a career spanning over 24 years, Rajappa spent 18 years at Rediffusion Y&R and Everest. He quit the agency in January 2013.
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