Creative critique from a gender lens: 8-12 February

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Feb 18, 2021 10:43:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

Dr Sharada reviews five ads from last week

It was Valentine’s time earlier in the week and relationships are obviously in focus. It is interesting to note how some brands have used Valentine’s Day to promote their products while some others have tried to reaffirm their commitment to their consumers. 

A well-known matchmaker, Sima Taparia (of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking fame)  speaks about getting out of a relationship that is not working. She beseeches the viewers to stop compromising and choose something better. Great, but is a bigger burger really a good choice? 
GS Score: 3/5

The ad focuses on consumers’ commitment to Oyo, featuring Neena Gupta and Swanand Kirkire. The ad portrays good chemistry between the couple and a more equitable relationship between them. 
GS Score: 3.2/5

The ad focuses on the brand's commitment to respond to the needs of its consumers in myriad ways. It portrays a wide spectrum of people from different genders, age groups and backgrounds and gives good screen presence to men and women, both. It reiterates its efforts to meet the needs of women drivers, in a country where women are not often found driving or encouraged to drive. 
GS Score: 3.25/5

An interesting ad with wordplay around 'Kaun Dumb Hai' directed at younger people who are sexually active but are often not very responsible in their sexual behaviour. Contraception in India is mostly seen as the responsibility of women alone. In that context, this ad by Condom Alliance is timely and relevant.
The treatment of the subject is very youth-friendly, both visually and musically. The message is very clear: ' Don't be dumb, be trendy, use a condom'. It is important to make condom use a fashion statement for young people and project the user as a healthy and smart person, who values himself and his partner's wishes. The ad succeeds in doing precisely that. 
GS Score: 4.5/5

This ad too focuses on PhonePe’s relevance to its users and highlights the various benefits of the service. Though we do find a few women in the ad, it is predominantly directed at men. 
GS Score: 3/5