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Apr 12, 2024

Colgate takes on the not-so-sweet problem of forgetting to brush at night

Featuring celebrity ‘dessert’ influencers, the film tackles appropriate oral care after the consumption of after-dinner treats.

Colgate takes on the not-so-sweet problem of forgetting to brush at night
Building on its "Sweet Truth" campaign launched last year to encourage a behavioral change among Indian consumers and promote night-time brushing, Colgate has unveiled a new reminder campaign titled #BrushTonight!

In its latest collaboration, the leading oral care brand has taken an unconventional twist and partnered with popular dessert creators Shivesh Bhatia, Natasha Gandhi, Neha Deepak Shah, and Shreya Agarwala to create special brushing reminders disguised as regular dessert reels.

Created by WPP@CP, the film entices consumers with mouth-watering desserts being prepared by their favorite influencers, with consumers thinking they're simply getting insights on a recipe. However cleverly, the desserts are then made, only to transition to them being used as ways to brush one's teeth!


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The campaign is based on insights showing that the last thing millions of Indians put on their teeth at night is sugar, not toothpaste.

The ad has been strategically placed during dinner time, from 8 PM to 12 AM, to remind the nation's numerous sweet lovers to end their night with toothpaste instead of sugar.

Campaign’s take:

Colgate's approach here is both functional and playful, making it a clever campaign. By partnering with popular dessert influencers, instead of highlighting the mundane aspects of toothbrushes or toothpaste, the campaign cleverly focuses on desserts—the very treats that often lead to dental issues when consumers neglect to brush at night. This strategy is particularly effective in India, where food culture is deeply revered and has a strong presence on social media platforms, ensuring widespread message penetration.

The use of influencers in this context is refreshingly unexpected. Traditionally, food is not commonly associated with oral care advertising, yet it is a primary reason why dental care is essential. By integrating dessert-making into oral care messaging, Colgate finds a unique approach to tap into its audience in a fun and memorable way, reinforcing the importance of nighttime brushing in combating the effects of sweet treats. It's relatable, fun, watchable and most importantly, makes the message more fun to absorb, which will hopefully drive consumer engagement.


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