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Jun 05, 2017

Cannes Contenders 2017: L&K Saatchi & Saatchi

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Cannes Contenders 2017: L&K Saatchi & Saatchi
As we near the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Campaign India continues with its 'Cannes Contender' series.
The premise is:
How much time really does a Cannes juror get to understand a case or piece of work s/he hasn't come across before?
Too little. It's up to us to help them get acquainted with the good work prior. We present here entries from Indian/South Asian agencies that their creators believe will be in contention for Lions at the 2017 International Festival of Creativity, Cannes.  

Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi has four such entries.


India has a crisis no one is talking about: Over 400 million rural women are forced to miss 5 days every month. Just because of their period. That’s 60 days lost a year, 3.9 years over a lifetime.
#GiveHer5 is the crowdfunding initiative that gives her 5 of ‘those’ days back with reusable menstrual protection. For just 150 rupees.
To raise awareness about how their world goes dark each time they get her period, we got influential female blogger - Miss Malini to go offline with #GiveHer5. And thousands like her followed. They came back online to share films/posts to educate and nominated friends to spread the word. Almost immediately, #GiveHer5 became a movement.

In India 88 per cent of dads believe that baby-care is the mother’s responsibility.
Pampers #ItTakes2 asked a simple question: If It Takes 2 to make a baby, shouldn’t It Take 2 to raise a baby?
Even 97% doctors agreed, for happy, healthy development, a baby needs both parents.
The film showed Indian dads that they could play the role of co-nurturers and not just the providers in their baby’s lives, as babies pick up cognitive skills from them.
Online conversations started, followed by diaper changing stations in men’s washrooms so dads can play a role even outside the home, and the first ever daddy-baby pack. Celebs and Mommy Bloggers joined in. Leading to 99 per cent positive brand sentiment. 
Turn what you know around

Thomas Cook India has always been at the forefront of bringing fresh and exciting new experiences to our customers. However, the North East of India is undiscovered by a large majority. Despite its rich natural and ethnic background, there is very little social exchange between the region and the rest of the country. Seen as outsiders, or tribal, or even separatists, the people from the area are often at the receiving end of stereotyping and alienation. The issue has also turned violent at different times in recent history. However, those who have visited these states realise that the culture and people are very different from what they might have assumed. This campaign intends to question the myths about the region and to generate a strong positive interest in the region. 
Question More

The News Minute is an online news portal with a regular base of subscribers and followers. While they have a regular churn of news articles, they want to be seen as a channel with a point of view. One that encourages people to think, question and debate, rather than just consume. They wanted content for the social section of their website, which is not pure reportage, that would get them national viewership. 
The idea was actually inspired by a news story on a major news channel, where an English-speaking reporter was commentating on footage from a madrasa (traditional school of Islamic instruction). The video showed young kids trying to memorize the Quran. The commentator however, explained that the kids were being brainwashed and indoctrinated into jihadi ideology. There was nothing in the actual video to suggest his conclusions. So we decided to get a middle-aged man, with the appearances of a jihadi cliché, talking to a bunch of kids in a language we don’t understand. We wanted to see how the educated middleclass respond to the video. As expected, most of them reacted to the visual stimulus, without bothering to question the content.

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