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Dec 12, 2010

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: Saints & Warriors

How Campaign India rates the agency: 8

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: Saints & Warriors

Type of agency Advertising

Company ownership Pushpinder Singh, Pankaj Acharya

Key personnel Pushpinder Singh, chairman, Pankaj Acharya, MD, Virag Mishra, CCO,  Mahendra Parab, head of art, Pradeep Mohindroo, Pankaj Desai and Brian Pinto, group business heads, Pratim Putatunda, Ajay Takalkar, Violette Ghosh, Sandy Ghadekar, group creative heads

Accounts won Danone (AOR), Lotus Herbals (AOR), Skoda (AOR), Zatak (AOR)

Accounts lost Amul Macho

Saints and Warriors started the year on a strong note with the win of the Skoda account in February, and the agency has been in the news for campaigns created for the brand. October however saw the loss of the Amul Macho account, a brand which had brought Saints and Warriors into the limelight for its ‘Yeh toh bada toing hai’ refrain. A shift to a bigger office in the coming year is indeed indicative of the agency’s expansion plans; another breakthrough campaign would surely help prove the point.  

How Campaign India rates the agency: 8

How Saints and Warriors rates itself: 1

Considering the huge demand supply gap in the market for quality communication, we remain discontented at our pace. Even though within 5 short years, we have probably emerged as the largest mid-sized agency in revenue and profit terms.    We remain steadfast in our belief that the only measure of creative excellence is growth for the client and growth for the agency. We’re 60 strong now and will move into our own 10,000 sq. ft spanking new office come 2011. We will continue to celebrate and protect the madness and passion that produced meaningful campaigns for Yeti, Fabia, Zatak, Ringguard, Frankfinn and Danone.Acquisitions is another area of focus to accelerate growth and hopefully we will have results on that front as well.

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