Campaign India Team
Feb 01, 2021

Brand Myntra changes its logo after offensive claims

After demanded to be changed by the Mumbai Police, Myntra's new logo becomes part of the internet controversy...

The old logo (left) and the new logo
The old logo (left) and the new logo
In December 2020, NGO activist Naaz Patel, associated with the Avesta Foundation filed a complain stating that the e-commerce company's logo was offensive to women. She claimed that the logo resembled a naked woman.
The complaint was filed at Mumbai's cyber crime department post which officials at Myntra stated that the same would be replaced within a month. 
Soon after changing its logo, the brand issued printing orders with the new logo on all its products and packaging material. 
However, the new logo was also met with widespread criticism driving the internet frenzy with sarcasm. 
The Flipkart backed e-commerce brand is an online retailers for clothes and accessories in India. 
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