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Oct 12, 2020

Battle of the Brands: Bira91 vs Kingfisher

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Battle of the Brands: Bira91 vs Kingfisher
With IPL in full swing, we can definitely say that though cricket season this year is more toned down, we finally have something to unite us during this period of crisis! And we know what that means – a lot of beer, food delivery and general good times shared with loved ones while watching our favourite sport! So we thought, why not compare Bira91 to Kingfisher beer (yes, they still have the largest market share!) and see what social media has to say about these two iconic brands, that are surely enjoying elevated sales during this period of time.
Talkwalker, a social media analytics company, based in Luxembourg, provides information on the using their platform. Talkwalker Analytics analyses the performance of mentions all over the internet and provides key metrics such as engagement, related themes, demographic data, geographic data and influencer data. 
Let’s start with mentions! Who has more? Even though Bira91 is relatively new to the market, looking at data from the last 6 months, we can see that they have almost double the mentions as Kingfisher beer. But, something stands out – Kingfisher has way more engagement! 
The reason for this is that most Kingfisher mentions comes in conjunction with fanclubs and sponsorships and therefore, the engagement is through the roof. For Bira 91, mentions are associated with social media posts, UGC and some news articles which mention their sponsorships. 
Beer is traditionally something that “the boys” enjoy, so it’s no surprise that most mentions for these beers come from the male demographic. But Bira91 seems to be making progress with the female demographic as well since double the percentage of conversation seems to come from women, when compared to Kingfisher. Bira91 is also popular with millennials as we can see – since Kingfisher has been around for longer, they also enjoy a larger reach with the older demographic. For Gen Z, mentions come from a variety of topics like sponsorships and other campaigns these brands have undertaken.
It’s always good to look more closely at the mentions and the best way tto do that is by checking out the hashtags around them. With Bira91, the themes are very clearly defined by their campaigns such as #AlwaysSummer or #BlondeSummerLager. Kingfisher sees conversation around celebrity and fan clubs. This shows the importance of brand building since this has been the main focus of Kingfisher for years.
Where is the buzz happening and how many unique authors are talking about both brands? Surprisingly, there is very little difference between the number of unique authors talking about both brands even though there is significant variation in the number of mentions. Additionally, a bulk of the conversations are taking place on Twitter – especially for Bira91. This shows their social media prowess. For Kingfisher there are other mediums too like online news, newspapers and so on.
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