Anant Rangaswami
Jan 14, 2011

Anant's blog: Abbys, Goafest to part ways

AAAI, Ad Club negotiations collapse

Anant's blog: Abbys, Goafest to part ways

We've been crying ourselves hoarse for a long time now, hoping that the AAAI and the Ad Club, Bombay would find some acceptable middle ground. As I write this, it looks like everything has collapsed and that the Abby's will come back to Mumbai. We'll hear about this later today; perhaps early tomorrow. 

And I've written more than a few thousand words on the issues that confront the Abbys over the past few years. This time, I thought I'd let some great musicians say it for me. 

This time around, I hope I'm proven completely wrong and have egg on my face and a miracle solution is found in the next few hours.  

We can work it out: The Beatles


Husbands and wives: Neil Diamond


It's all over now, baby blue: Bob Dylan

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