A drumroll for the bravehearts in COVID-19 #LGKidsSaluteTheRealHeroes

The premium electronic brand LG’s unique CSR efforts has always made headlines. In such difficult times, the kids of their employees pay a befitting tribute to the real heroes of our society through an E-book.

May 19, 2020 04:06:00 AM | Article | Partner Content

In such terse times, when a global pandemic has struck each and every one of us, LG strikes a chord with the frontline workers who are literally always on the job. As we shrink back home in fear, there are few people who are really ensuring that life’s good in the true sense of the term. Afterall, not all heroes wear capes. The real heroes of the times are the nurses, policemen, security guards, sanitation staff, shop owners and vendors and even the lesser acclaimed milkmen and newspaper boys. 
In an E-book compiled by the multinational giant, #LGKidsSaluteTheRealHeroes through their outstanding creativity. Beautiful art work and content come together in the form of short notes of gratitude and respect, addressed to all those in the battlefront working through the day and night to support our health and safety. While some children in their essays regard the health workers and policemen as Gods, other tiny tots have questioned the stereotypical use of the word ‘hero’ for Zorro and Batman.  
Putting the worry and the humdrum routine of lockdown behind them, these children have shown compassion and extraordinary commitment. The notes end with a sense of purpose that speak out loud, their innocence and optimism. When children of 4-16 years can contribute to CSR efforts of a company and bear a positive thinking at the offset of difficult times, we realize the unyielding tenacity of young minds. It is indeed inspiring to have bright young minds reach out to us with their colourful drawings and beautiful words, celebrating the selfless and dauntless spirit of the honourable heroes of the nation. 
If we are to overcome COVID-19, it is the positive thinking, hard work and determination of the youth and the ‘real heroes of the society.’