Campaign India Team
Nov 11, 2016

Weekend Watch: Aarifa's journey, from depression to self-expression

View the video from Culture Machine's channel Blush here

Blush, a digital channel for women, has rolled out a new video. This one tells the journey of Aarifa Bhinderwala, a Bohri Muslim woman from Mumbai. 
Aarifa narrates her journey as a pole dancer, and how it helped her overcome depression. She was attracted to the dance form when visiting family in Australia, and instinctively enrolled for classes. The move proved fruitful. The four and a half-minute video shows Bhinderwala today teaching the dance form professionally, in Mumbai. Her students include women of all sizes. Aarifa's mother is proud of her, amidst a society that shows little respect for the dance form associated with strip clubs. For Aarifa, it was liberation, and a way to express herself, comfortable in her skin.
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