WATCH: Counterfeits help brands like ours — Ambar Aneja, Six5Six

The co-founder and CEO of the brand – which has official merchandise rights for the Indian football team – discusses its national and international expansion plans, and more…

Jul 29, 2021 02:51:00 AM | Video | Raahil Chopra Share - Share to Facebook

"Six5Six was born on a flight with the same flight code after a sub-licensing deal went haywire," says Ambar's Aneja, co-founder and CEO, Six5Six, about how the name of the brand came about.
Since then the organisation has gone on to win the merchandising deal for the Indian national football team.
In this chat, Aneja explains how the brand plans to grow nationally and globally, why it can't use traditional advertising, the challenge (and opportunity) which the counterfeit market provides, how it plans to take on the bigger brands in the sports apparel space and more. Listen in.