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Jan 02, 2014

Union Bank helps realise shared dreams, with speedy loans

Watch the ad films conceptualised by DDB Mudra here

Union Bank of India has launched a TV campaign building on its brand platform ‘Your dreams are not yours alone’. Two of the five films that are part of the campaign are currently on air. The campaign has been conceptualised by DDB Mudra.

An agency statement informed that all five TVCs feature one family, headed by veteran actor Pankaj Kapoor.

The first film opens with Kapoor and his son at a printer’s. They are there to get invitation cards done, for the wedding of the daughter of the family. Kapoor gets sentimental and says that he had hoped to give his daughter’s hand in marriage from their own house, but reconciles to doing so from a rented house. Later, when the family is in a car, Kapoor looks at the invite and tells his son that the address printed is wrong. While feigning ignorance, the son drives into the address printed on the card. He hands over the keys to the house to Kapoor, revealing that it is their house. The brand’s message of processing housing loans in just five days is then put forth.

“The task was to let everyone know that Union Bank of India's products and services are not only at par with private banks but also surpasses them in many ways,” explained the agency note.

A second film features the son and his wife. His secretive chats on the phone and work on his laptop make the lady suspicious. Once when he is not around, his phone rings. She picks it up and introduces herself to the caller as Mrs Sharma. She’s surprised to hear that they had applied for a car loan on the day before, and that it had been approved. The caller also wishes her for her birthday, which falls the next day. Her husband, who had been hearing her conversation, tells her that it was meant to be a surprise. A voiceover and super introduce the bank’s car loan processing in two days and ‘proactive follow up’.    

Sonal Dabral, chairman and CCO, DDB Mudra Group, said, “Union Bank of India always puts people first. It is this thinking that gave birth to the now famous platform of ‘Your dreams are not yours alone’. DDB Mudra Group has already created two very successful brand campaigns on this platform and in this third installment the line gets a product spin. In keeping with their vision Union Bank has come out with many innovative offerings that put the consumer at the forefront, with technology becoming an enabler making life more convenient and relationships richer. We decided that the best way to communicate this was through simple human stories that could be happening everyday in any Indian household. All seen through the eyes of the same family. The biggest triumph of this campaign is the very real tonality and its perfect casting with Pankaj Kapoor lighting up the screen as the head of this ordinary Indian family.”

Aman Mannan and Ashish Phatak, group CDs, explained the origins of the creative process. They noted that it started with the observation that unlike in the West, Indian dreams do not feed on individual aspirations but on the collective energy of family members.


Chairman and CCO: Sonal Dabral
President, DDB Mudra West: Rajeev Sabnis
Group creative directors: Aman Mannan, Ashish Phatak
Associate creative directors: Anshu Sharma, Siddhesh Khatavkar
Copywriter: Srijan Shukla
Art director: Naresh Dhondi
Account management director: Yugandhar Madidi
Account management supervisor: Sumana Ghosh
Account planning: Amit Kekre and Toru Jhaveri
Director (film): Nikhil Rao
Production house: Jamic Films
Agency producer: Vishal Sane
Film executive: Siddhi Bhopale

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